JCI Nottingham Deputy President Elections & Members Meeting

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JCI Nottingham Deputy President Elections & Members Meeting

Posted By admin |15 May 2019
JCI Nottingham Deputy President Elections & Members Meeting

JCI Nottingham announces its Members meeting and Deputy President Elections on June 18th 2019 at the Crown Plaza Nottingham, 6:20 pm.

The Deputy President is an essential role on the JCI Nottingham team; the Deputy plays a key role in delivering the current year’s plan of action and leading the team with the President.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Focus of the role:

  • Support the President in the day-to-day management of JCI Nottingham.
  • Responsible for preparing and succession planning for the following year.

Opportunities to Step Up:

  • Supervise and support the management of JCI Nottingham events and projects
  • Manage and follow-up national / international award submissions
  • Apply for European Academy and attend if a place is secured to develop skills to lead the chamber the

Following year

  • Prepare vision, plan of action, and budget for the following year
  • Recruit a Board of Directors for the following year
  • Be present at major events if the President is unable to attend
  • Network with the Deputy Presidents from other UK chambers and Twinning chambers
  • Lead the reporting for the 100% efficiency initiative.
  • Liaise with the JCI UK Deputy President

Skills you will develop:

  • General management
  • Team leadership
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Long-term strategic thinking
  • Networking and relationship management
  • Communication and public speaking

If this opportunity excites you, please contact President Phoebe Benta (phoebe.benta@jciuk.org.uk) to register your interest and then complete the intention to stand form and send it to Phoebe by 8 pm on 13th June. This form asks for the reasons you want to stand, your experience, and your ideas for the role. Two JCI members will need to propose and second your nomination.

We will let you know if more than one person stands for the role in case you wish to prepare an election campaign. Candidates would be voted on by JCI Nottingham members at the Members Meeting on June 18th.