JCI Networking Wednesday: A First Timer's View

JCI Networking Wednesday: A First Timer's View

Posted By admin |27 Mar 2014
JCI Networking Wednesday: A First Timer's View

After attending her first JCI event on Wednesday 26 March 2014, we asked Sophie Godwin to write a few words on her experience and what people thinking of coming along to a JCI Sheffield event can expect...

Walking in the cold rain to Henry’s bar after what had been a particularly jam packed day on what was supposed to be my day off, I wasn’t filled with the greatest enthusiasm for my first JCI Networking event. 

Blog » Social events » networkingmarch.jpgIn fact my mood was not conducive to networking whatsoever yet just two hours later I left the bar smiling from ear to ear with a new sense of purpose. Given that I had only had one gin and tonic I think it is safe to say that this euphoric feeling was not as a result of the alcohol. 

It was the result of spending two hours talking to likeminded individuals who are passionate not only about their businesses and jobs but about what you have to offer, your ideas and your passions, in my case being food. With it being my first JCI event I was slightly unsure about how my dinner party business would be received, would I be seen as the token ‘fun business’ amongst other ‘serious business’ types? 

Well I need not have worried; everyone seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the idea that you could get someone in to cook for you especially when I threw in that I also do the washing up free of charge. Not only did they seem interested but many took extra cards to give to their friends. Of course for me this was fantastic however this is not primarily why I enjoyed myself or what the night was all about.

The reason I enjoyed myself so much at this event is because of the great people that I got to talk to, from solicitors, psychological business coaches, to a greeting card designer and three graduates looking to solve the problems of communication between students and landlords.

Everyone that I met was genuinely interesting and above all approachable. Talking to Gareth and Mark, both of whom were fantastic, it is clear that the relaxed atmosphere is something that JCI strives for, offering a platform for success to all young professionals. This friendly member’s led organisation is definitely something I want to be a part of.