JCI members meet Her Majesty the Queen

JCI members meet Her Majesty the Queen

Posted By admin |10 Nov 2013
JCI members meet Her Majesty the Queen

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Blog written by Danielle Nanton
JCI Canary Wharf Member

On the 18th October 2013, JCI members Hiwot Wolde-Senbet and I were invited to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace on Youth, the Commonwealth and Education. This once in a life-time opportunity was made possible through the coordination and hard work of individuals volunteering with JCI and Hiwot and I are truly thankful for this amazing experience.

Once inside the gates and passed the inner courtyard of Buckingham Palace, we entered the doors and were greeted by the porters who showed us to the cloak room. All electronic and recording devises as well as bags and jackets were left in the cloak room and then we made our way into the reception area. Fascinating people from all around the Commonwealth were met, including many Commonwealth Scholarship Recipients and Commonwealth University Leaders. We did not forget our JCI-taught networking skills and connections were made with some very interesting people.

After a preliminary champagne reception as well as mingling and meeting other delegates, we all joined a cue and were ushered to meet the Queen. We presented our announcement cards and a formally dressed gentleman introduced us delegate-by-delegate; where we were given the opportunity to curtsy and shake the Queen's, and the Duke of Edinburgh's hand. For me, as an individual brought up in Canada, a part of the Commonwealth, who had taken part in Youth Parliaments and studied Political Science at University, the political significance of this moment was mind-blowing.

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After our formal introduction to the Queen we were taken to a larger theater and classical music and children's choir entertained the delegates and royals for about an hour. We were then ushered back into the reception area where we dined on freshly made duck h'ordeurves, quail's eggs and celery salt, green pea pannacotta bites, quiches, and chocolates all made by the palace chefs. We were also able to speak directly with the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Gloucestershire as well as one of the Lady's in Waiting. All were incredibly personable and interested in JCI.

This day was a day to remember, and without being involved in JCI neither of us would have had this amazing opportunity. We would really like to thank JCI for allowing us this chance and encourage that others get involved in JCI.