JCI Manchester & Shade Aid

JCI Manchester & Shade Aid

Posted By admin |01 Aug 2014
JCI Manchester & Shade Aid

In 2014 JCI UK are proud to be supporting Flamingo Creative and contributing to the Shade Aid appeal.

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 As we come closer to summer and many of us prepare to head to sunnier climes, a pair of sunglasses (or 2!) will be considered mandatory, and not something we give a second thought to being able to buy.

Unfortunately, for some people who need them most, this isn't the case. By the time the average child in Africa reaches 18 years of age, they will have reached 80% of their lifetime exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun, which leads to various eye disorders, including loss of vision.

Buying sunglasses to prevent this might sound obvious, but sunglasses can cost as much as a year’s salary for people in Africa.

JCI Manchester will be collecting sunglasses to try and prevent this, which will be distributed via Vision Aid Overseas.


Did you know that 68% of people in the UK no longer wear last year's shades?


If you're one of them, dig them out and lets re-gift them to someone who really needs them.

It could literally change their lives and save their vision. SPF rated sunglasses are preferred and we will also be collecting prescription glasses to put to good use as well! Any sub-standard glasses will be recycled to raise funds for preventable blindness projects.

JCI UK has set an ambitious target of 800 pairs of glasses and JCI Manchester needs your help!!

We need your help to achieve this! Dig through you drawers and get your friends, family and colleagues involved. The closing date for collections is 13th September 2014.  

There are drop off points across the UK listed on the Shade Aid website www.shadeaid.org.uk.  If you are a corporate partner then we will be getting in touch so you can pull together your own collection.  

Alternatively there are drop off points.  

You can drop them off at the Reception of JMW where there is a box in the main reception!  We will also be collecting them at our next few events!

If you would like anymore information on Shade Aid then please contact Caroline McCarron caroline.mccarron@jmw.co.uk

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