JCI London in 2017

JCI London in 2017

Posted By admin |23 Nov 2016
JCI London in 2017

As I look this week at our chambers preparing for the JCI UK National Convention held in Manchester, a rapidly fast approaching New Year is almost upon us. JCI UK's largest chamber, JCI London, is all set for a massive year of impact with their members.

I spoke with their President Elect David Khanna about his thoughts on taking over as Local President of JCI London in 2017.

David stated: "As President of JCI London 2017, I am most looking forward to working with another wonderful group of passionate, energetic young people who are dedicated to improving themselves as young leaders and who are dedicated to delivering the best programme they can for our diverse membership.

I will be a new challenge for me to lead such a big team, but one I am very much looking to embrace."

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Picture: David Khanna centre bottom with members of JCI London.