JCI London completes the offical course hat trick

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JCI London completes the offical course hat trick

Posted By admin |26 Apr 2014
JCI London completes the offical course hat trick

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On Tuesday 15 April JCI London hosted JCI Admin, the third official JCI course they have held this year.  JCI Canary Wharf member Danielle Nanton describes her experience:

Having previously undertaken JCI Impact and Acheive and wishing to broaden my skills and knowledge in relation to JCI, how it is structured, and what further opportunities exist by becoming more involved in JCI, I excitedly signed up for the JCI Admin Course. Although a title which includes the word "Admin" may appear dull, this course was far from boring. Through the amazing presentation by senator Sarah Beckwith we all learned so much in an engaging and interesting format.

Personal Development » Admin 2.jpgRather than just sitting in a classroom and passively listening to a teacher we were actively engaged with our peers forming groups and then actively discussing what we had learned and role playing as well as interacting with props created for the class. I have a B.Ed (teaching degree from Canada) and I have to say that the way the lesson was set out was perfect with a mix of notes, active participation, group work, and even tangible work where we moved post-its around to symbolise JCI members and JCI group structures. There was further engagement through the use of the powerpoint presentation which I will not forget soon.

I must admit that I am motivated by written proof of having attended and passed a course so the part that I enjoyed the most was undertaking and passing the test and then including this on my linkedin profile. Of course I also enjoyed learning and interacting with my fellow JCI peers and I liked how we were able to develop some interesting ideas that we can take forward in our chambers and even projects outside of JCI. Through this course I increased upon my skills, added something to my linkedin profile and had a lot of fun, a great combination!



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