JCI Ignite London has Launched!

JCI Ignite London has Launched!

Posted By admin |27 Feb 2012
JCI Ignite London has Launched!


JCI Ignite London has Launched! By Vassili Dagiakidis (Events Director JCI Ignite London 2012)

Wednesday 15th February 2012 will be looked back on and remembered as
the day JCI Ignite London took its first official step onto the JCI

This occasion was held at a fantastic venue - The Loft in Clapham
North - and was attended by 40 guests, including JCI National
President Solveig Malvik, JCI Ignite London President Nadene Jones,
past presidents, Senators as well as representatives of Project
Partners of JCI Ignite London – Tom from London Citizens and Sheilla
from Money Mentors. Also present was Deputy Mayor of Merton (and JCI
Senator) Chris Edge and his lovely wife, Corinna (also a JCI Senator)

The evening began with a glass of wine and guests getting to know each
other; whilst being thoroughly entertained by the magical antics
presented up-close by John Harding, magician extraordinaire! That was,
until the clock struck 8pm – at which point, it was time for Ignite to
be officially introduced.

Guests were entranced by the words of Solveig (UK National President),

Nadene(JCI Ignite London President) , Tom(Guest from Citizens UK) ,

Sheilla (Guest from Money Mentors) and Chris Edge and the tangible

buzz of excitement which had been growing all night was let loose as

guests raised their glasses into the air to toast the beginning of

JCI Ignite London!

As Events Director 2012 for JCI Ignite London, I could not have been
more proud at our successful inaugural event: guests enjoyed
themselves, connected and celebrated Ignite and our future; and we had
the unexpected bonus of our membership base expanding on the night
with several guests pledging to join!

All in all, an evening to remember and one which would not have been
possible without the teamwork within the Ignite Council.