JCI Growth & Development Academy 2017...by Mary Mambwa

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JCI Growth & Development Academy 2017...by Mary Mambwa

Posted By admin |06 Jun 2017
JCI Growth & Development Academy 2017...by Mary Mambwa

JCI Growth & Development Academy 2017

By Mary Mambwa, JCI Greenwich

In the beautiful city of Lorrach, my experience at the Growth and Development Academy was exceptional. Not only the amazing trainings delivered by outstanding trainers, this included the opportunity I had to meet other JCI Members from other national organisations in Europe, such as Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Malta, Norway etc. In this you do get a greater reward when each person from their chamber share their experience and knowledge, which you can input into your own chamber. The Academy was not only great in gaining knowledge through training and various outdoor activities, In addition I self-developed within the 4-days.

For those looking to build up the local chambers or even looking to start a new local chamber, I will encourage to attend this academy, this is a good place to gain knowledge, after you then implement.

In addition, we had a special visit from 2017 JCI President Dawn Heztel and 2013 JCI Past President Chiara Milani, where I took on great advice from, “It's not just about the number of members you have,  but the number of people you impact."

      Here’s a summary of the what we learned through the 4-day intense program; Day 1: Building a Foundation; know your why? Why do you do what you do? This will be the stance that will keep you going, no matter what. In addition, attract the others.   Day 2: Preparing to Act; Strategic planning, knowing the value of your organisation. Back to the why? Let the value be seen and not the fees. Understanding your members from the different eras and now onto the Millennials and Zentannials. Day 3: Management and Leadership; budget and finances learning on how to approach sponsors and establishing partnerships. Most importantly for me was the leadership and leading module, understanding about Effective Leadership which is the ability to help people to Grow in their own abilities.    Day 4: Presentation day; Working in groups/teams as you would in your chamber to present. Creative Group names, accompanied with a War Cry T-REX, Incredible Ponies, Dream Captains, Ninja Bunnies & Why Not?  

As a young active citizen, this has encouraged me to go and implement to start a local chamber in my borough, Ealing, West London. Ealing being the 3rd largest Borough in London in terms of populations, according to the Office of National Statistics. They have projected within the ages of 20-39 years old the population will increase from 119,898 in 2014 to 119,925 in 2024 to 121,535 in 2034. This shows in itself that there is a high number of young people in Ealing Borough.


Bringing the JCI Mission to Ealing Borough, providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, will not only in hope transform Ealing Borough for the better, but it will bring up young active citizens ready to create impact in the local community, nationally and eventually internationally. Aiming to create impact!

Last but not least, my self-development was, I thought I was diverse in everything, I was caught by surprise. Read on…

Being around other national organisations in Europe, I was challenged of how most were wanting to learn to be good in English, but also could partially understand & speak other languages. Although I didn’t know anything but English and my own mother tongue of Swahili (not applicable in Europe). This has given me a challenge to always make an effort to learn the language of other countries that I’ll visit in the future and not assume they may speak English. At least make an effort.