JCI Doncaster Chocolate Tasting Night

JCI Doncaster Chocolate Tasting Night

Posted By admin |09 Nov 2011
JCI Doncaster Chocolate Tasting Night

By Gemma Fletcher

Community chocolate, now that really is the answer. JCI Doncaster are supporting charity through chocolate this year, having recently held a charity chocolate tasting evening.

Having raced to the train to make sure I didn't miss my chance to taste some Thorton's chocolate, I finally found the little shop after receiving some great directions from JCI Doncaster President Katie Ogley.

Thornton's chocolates are one of those childhood memories that we all have; everyone remembers getting an egg with their name on from their parents or grandparents. JCI Doncaster transported members back to their childhood giving them the opportunity to ice their own egg.

I played the role of the dutiful sister icing an egg for my brother, but in true JCI style I couldn't resist a little of branding and iced my very own JCI Easter egg.

The evening was a great success and lots of money was raised for Thornton's chosen charity the NSPCC. Who can say no to an evening of charity and chocolate!