Posted By admin |08 May 2020

JCI UK are pleased to announce our new online awards – JCI COVID Community Hero. This award is for anyone aged 18-40 who is going above and beyond in their community during the COVID-19 crisis. 


We’re inviting nominations of young people in your community who you believe should be celebrated for their actions and impact. Maybe your young neighbour is delivering meals to vulnerable households? Or your colleague is using their furlough to sew scrubs for NHS staff? Or your sibling is teaching free online dance classes to brighten people’s lockdown life? We want to hear about them! 


All you need to do is fill in a simple form and tell us all about your #JCICovidCommunityHero along with a photo that we’re able to share on social media. 


Here are some examples of the amazing work our JCI members are doing in their communities – they’re our #JCICovidCommunityHero – who’s yours? 


Selina Horshi – JCI Derry 

Selina is the local president for JCI Derry and has spearheaded an effort to create much needed PPE in Derry. Working with local partners and organisations, JCI Derry were able run an appeal for materials, assist with the construction of the masks and facilitate the delivery of almost 2000 face shields. 


You can read more about the incredible efforts on the JCI Derry blog 


Emma Louise Munro-Wilson – JCI Portsmouth 

In addition to launching a ‘Coping with COVID-19’ kit and running a ‘Charitea’ challenge as part of the 2.6 challenge raising money for WetWheels Foundation – Emma has also been supporting her local “Team Scrubbers” Serving Southampton / Portsmouth areas with Scrubs. The group are part of the nationwide movement “For the Love of Scrubs” made up of both professional and amateur sewers with a keen interest in helping our local communities in this difficult time of national need for well-made scrubs.

They have an army of ‘Scrubbers’ working from homes around the local area of Portsmouth and Southampton and are looking for support in raising funds to buy material, thread, tape and paper to trace patterns onto.

You can find out more here!


Emma and Selina are our first #JCICovidCommunityHeroes but now we want to hear about yours! Fill in the nomination form here and we can’t wait to read your entries!