JCI Birmingham President takes on National Board!

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JCI Birmingham President takes on National Board!

Posted By admin |13 Oct 2013
JCI Birmingham President takes on National Board!

Like many JCI Presidents I am nearing the end of my presidential year, just 2.5 months left of what has been a whirlwind year in Birmingham. As the year has been progressing I have been thinking about where my JCI career will take me next, after completing 2 years back to back as President of 2 different chambers, both offering their own challenges and very different states of life cycle.

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JCI Barnsley offered me the challenge to reignite a chamber that had once been strong and much larger than it was when I took over in 2012. We achieved success at a local level, regional, national and amazingly European level winning awards. The chamber doubled in size with 125% membership increase over the year.


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JCI Birmingham offered me the challenge of relaunching a chamber that had been dormant for 8 years and inactive at both a local and national level. We have achieved a 300% membership growth so far and our members have represented the chamber at a national and international level. We have 4 members booked to attend the National Convention in Leeds in November, with 50% of those booked having never been to an event outside of our chamber! 

So as the year has moved on, I've decided that my next step should be a National Board role within JCI UK. I put my intention to stand forward for the role of National Marketing Director and at the AGM in September I was elected into the role.

I am looking forward to my new role and the challenge of helping guide our local chambers over 2014. Working with National President Kate Senter and Deputy National President Drew Charman, both of whom are also close friends outside of JCI inspires me to strive for success. I can't wait to share my knowledge, tips and ideas with National Board and our local chambers and made 2014 a cracking year!