JCI Barnsley Timeline

JCI Barnsley Timeline

Posted By admin |11 Jul 2013
JCI Barnsley Timeline

This year JCI Barnsley have been in search of their history with the archive project!

With 61 amazing years of this organization we thought it was about time to get gather all the information together to create a clear picture that e can learn from and be inspired by!

From starting the year with nothing but stories we put out a call to our past Presidents for their help. They were only too happy to pass on everything they have kept and with more and more gathering being donated every day they files are looking much healthier.

This project is by no means over, we have big plans on how we want to use what has been collected but these the first draft of our time line slideshow.

On YouTube or check out the written timeline.

Check it out! I have you like it any documents or info you have is more than welcome so please send it to jcibarnsley@hotmail.co.uk


Charlie Pearson

2013 JCI Barnsley President