JCI Barnsley takes on the World

JCI Barnsley takes on the World

Posted By admin |27 Nov 2012
JCI Barnsley takes on the World

JCI World Congress is the cherry on top of the JCI ice cream sundae and this year Taipei, Taiwan was the venue for this illustrious event!

As a well travelled JCI member I was more than excited to be attending my second World Congress and once again in Asian. My first World Congress in Osaka, Japan in 2010 was one of the most amazing and life changing experiences of my life and I was looking forward to visiting that side of the world again.

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With so many highlights it is difficult to know where to start. The opening ceremony was amazing with both local drummers and light dancers. It was also great to see JCI UK National President, Solveig Malvik, grace the stage twice when supporting JCI UK and also with her fiancé Soren Olesen of JCI Denmark. Great to see that JCI UK is making more than 1 splash! The opening party was an opportunity to try local delicacies, both food and drink. This was a great way to try the local cuisine and sample the delights that Taiwan has to offer.

JCI UK was also lucky enough to have a candidate for Executive Vice President (EVP) Lesley Young. Lesley was amazing during the caucus explaining why she is the best candidate for the job. Well done to Lesley on her position and we wish her the best of luck for 2013!

Blog » International events » Top of Taipei 101 on the 91st floor

Not only did we have success on the JCI Board of Directors JCI UK was also lucky enough to have a World award winner, Soraya Bowen, is the Most Outstanding New Member in the world! Soraya was lucky enough to celebrate the moment with her partner Martin and is amazing for JCI UK to have an international award winner.

If you thought that this wasn't enough then Sandra Pilarczyk was also one of the first trainers to train the new JCI Admin course. Congratulations to Sandra on this honour.

Now this is a JCI Conference on the other side of the world and I was lucky enough to sightsee! Taipei 101 is one of the tallest buildings in the world and it was certainly scary outside on the 91st floor! It was also fun to visit the fishing village of Tamsui with the Valentines Bridge and Fort San Domingo.

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Now if you thought that all I did was support others and sightsee I was also lucky enough to attend breakfast meetings with JCI Japan, Germany and USA. These breakfasts were opportunities to meet members from different countries and also to share ideas and best practice. I have learned new things that I hope to bring back to assist Barnsley.

For anyone who hasn't been to a JCI international event I would recommend them. They are opportunities to meet new people, experience new cultures and learn from JCI Chambers across the world.

Gemma Fletcher

JCI Barnsley Admin Director