JCI Barnsley Personal Development Launch 2012!

JCI Barnsley Personal Development Launch 2012!

Posted By admin |21 Mar 2012
JCI Barnsley Personal Development Launch 2012!

Thursday 15th March saw JCI Barnsley launch our Personal Development Programme for 2012. The idea behind this year's programme is training to help build confidence in a multitude of areas. The launch night was designed to be a speed pitch session; all trainers were allowed a maximum of 10 minutes each to sell the idea of their session to the Barnsley masses.

The night started with networking over refreshments and nibbles and it was brilliant to see 30 people working the room, making sure no-one was stood alone and everyone was sharing their experiences of JCI or why they have booked onto the launch night.
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With an eye on the clock JCI Barnsley President, Kirstie Barnett, was time keeper and MC for the night, keeping the trainers on their toes! It was a great way to entice people into a training session by giving them a teaser of what they could learn if they booked onto the full session.

The sessions will start in April with Setting Goals and Having a Positive Mindset and run through to November where practical advice on presenting and public speaking will be on offer. With an array of different sessions on offer including Brand Me, Why being good is good for business (Corporate Social Responsibility), Networking and Lean and how to apply it to your life, JCI members and Barnsleyites will certainly find something for everyone.

Feedback following the session has been excellent, with people really enjoying the speed pitch style and the chance to learn a little about each session, all in 1 night.

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The night was a huge success, there was a great buzz around the room and we even gained a new member too! Not bad for a night's work.