JCI Barnsley off to meet the Duke of York!

JCI Barnsley off to meet the Duke of York!

Posted By admin |23 Jun 2012
JCI Barnsley off to meet the Duke of York!

Today has to be one of the most unique opportunities I've been presented with in my 2.5 years as a JCI Barnsley member. Today JCI Barnsley were invited to meet the Duke of York at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Catcliffe at a Jubilee afternoon tea. If that wasn't exciting enough we were also to receive a presentation of a certificate to commemorate our 60 years in existence. I was lucky enough to be able to take along 5 other members to share this special day so was accompanied by Gemma Fletcher, Vicky Savage, Charlie Pearson, Ben Hawley and Sam Allen.

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On arrival to the AMRC the room we were congregating in was being filled with the most amazing looking jubilee inspired desserts from beautiful cupcakes with royal colour decorations to a stunning fruit flan with a union jack inspired colour theme. The desserts really were an amazing display and it wasn't long before those lucky invitees in the room started tucking into them!

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The Duke of York was at the AMRC to tour the Nuclear facility which brings together the expertise of the University of Sheffield with Boeing, industry leaders and other experts. He was also unveiling the AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre as the Diamond Jubilee Knowledge Transfer Centre.

Once the Duke arrived he made his way around each of the small groups of people in the room, taking the time to talk to each and every one which isn't easy when there are about 60 people! JCI Barnsley and JCI Sheffield, who were also invited to the Jubilee tea, were the first people to speak with the Duke and he took the time to ask us just what JCI is. It was really nice to see each of the members of JCI Barnsley and the 2 JCI Sheffield members working together to each contribute something to the Dukes understanding of just what JCI stands for. It demonstrated a real JCI united front!

Once the Duke had made his way around the room it was time for the presentations to start. Two other local organisations were also receiving a presentation certificate from the Duke, including Barnsley's very own Fosters Bakery. JCI Barnsley were last on stage but by this time we knew the protocol, the 5 other members joined me on stage to receive the presentation from the Duke and he even made a joke to the room about how clearly we were not 60 but the organisation was!

The Duke then made a speech about the Queen and how the UK will be united over the Bank Holiday weekend with Jubilee parties and then he was gone.

I personally am very proud to be part of another event in the history of JCI Barnsley and to be able to celebrate the fantastic impact that JCI has in Barnsley and with our members, past and present. I know today will always hold a special place in my heart and I can add it to the list of other achievements I am clocking up this year and we're only in May!

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