JCI Barnsley Iron-a-thon for Nothing But Nets

JCI Barnsley Iron-a-thon for Nothing But Nets

Posted By admin |20 May 2012
JCI Barnsley Iron-a-thon for Nothing But Nets

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Well, the day started out like any other for me, getting ready to start the day, but this day would be different as I would be going to the JCI Barnsley Iron-a-thon!  Unfortunately no one agreed with me that maybe we should give XSTEAM ironing a go by hanging Gemma off the roof o fthe Gateway Plaza, which would have been amazing.  I was outvoted and we went ahead with the normal way we like to iron.

As I went up to the penthouse of the Gateway Plaza I had flashes of Die Hard running through my head and wondered if we would be attacked by Alan Rickman sporting his German accent then we could go all Die Hard Barnsley. Upon arrival the ironing had already started with Gemma ironing away and Charlie cracking the whip and making sure she ironed everything well!

I can sum up the day with this my amazing 2 good ideas, coffee which got me a gold star from Gemma and this was followed by swift trip to KFC to pick up some of the Colonel's secret formula and a fun time was had by all. Of course the 14 hours of ironing was a pretty mean feet too!

By Oli Hyde
All proceeds, £150.00, went to Nothing But Nets and international malaria charity.