JCI Barnsley at the Rainbow Dash

JCI Barnsley at the Rainbow Dash

Posted By admin |08 Jul 2016
JCI Barnsley at the Rainbow Dash

You may have seen that I have started to run a bit! Some say a bit of a running bug.  On Sunday 5th June, The Barnsley Hospital Charity hosted their Rainbow Dash in Locke Park, a 1 lap or 3 lap (5k) run. However this was no ordinary trot around the hilly Locke park. Along the way runners would create a rainbow by running through ‘paint stations,’ Pink, red, orange, green and blue. I decided to give the 5k run ago.

 Now what made this interesting was the fact the blue station was manned by my fellow JCI members and for each lap I would pass them to cover me in a shower of blue.

The day was glorious, the sun was shining. After registering, I managed to track down the volunteers, Jo, Bev, Oli, Lynsey and Henry who were busy setting up the paint stations. They were then given their orders, posed for a ‘before’ photo and headed off to their station. While I on the other hand stayed near the stage hosted by Dearne FM to get warmed up (some more).

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Both the 1 lap and 3 lap run started at the same time, there was a good turnout with families young and old giving it ago.  The first colour station was the blue one, thankfully it was quite busy going through it this time, they nearly missed me!!! Jo was volunteering at the drinks station and I was glad of a bit of rest (and drink) when I got to her. At the end of the first lap instead of crossing the line, we had to run through the orange station and they got me good, I had been tangoed!! It wasn’t until the third lap my fellow jaycee’s decided to give it all they’ve got to the lonely target coming through!

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Once completed the run, I picked up my finishers bag and headed off back to the smurf’s to cool down. They were joined by Charlotte from JCI Rotherham who had kindly brought us all ice cream.


The day was a lot of fun, running was just as much fun as volunteering!


Tracy Anderson, JCI Barnsley Immediate Past President

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