JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner 2012

JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner 2012

Posted By admin |24 Jan 2012
JCI Barnsley Annual Dinner 2012

On Friday 13th 100 of the finest JCI Barnsley members past, present, senators, JCI regional and national members and members of the business community gathered together to see just if superstition existed. Thankfully the bad luck omen was foiled as the night was a fantastic success.

The night was centred on celebrating JCI Barnsley's success over the past 60 years, highlighting how members have achieved their goals and developed their skills thanks to JCI. The University of Huddersfield, Barnsley Campus had created a storyboard of all the photos gathered from the last 60 years to commemorate the anniversary, including newspaper cuttings from the 1960s right through to the present day. This was accompanied by a diamond theme running through created by local University student Michael Steer.

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Senators Laura and Nigel Mackfall spoke as a double act, well, Laura was fully prepared with a well thought out speech, Nigel became an off the cuff speaker which I'm sure he learnt the art of through JCI and Extempore! Steve Bailey spoke of his time with fond memories of not only how JCI helped him develop, but how he gained life long friends. A wonderfully delivered impromptu toast to JCI Barnsley was made by Jonathan Stone, past JCI Wakefield member and it was clear that everyone in the room echoed his kind words of support and appreciation of JCI Barnsley.

2012 JCI UK National President Solveig Malvik spoke of her plans to build on the excellent foundations that IPP Allison Cowell had laid in 2011 and build the membership base across the UK. 2011 JCI Barnsley President Vicky Savage spoke of her year, the achievements that had been made and awarded members trophies as part of the formal awards ceremony. 2012 incoming President Kirstie Barnett talked of the challenge the chamber faces in 2012, the need to rebuild the membership base and made a plea to anyone who knows someone in need of all the benefits that JCI can offer, to send them to see us, and we'll help them achieve their goals. Kirstie also talked of the need to support members' developmental needs with a robust and cost effective training programme as well as the fun and social elements that JCI Barnsley is known for. The challenge for 2012 is to have 60 members by the end of the year, some would say, a ridiculous target but never one to shy away from a challenge Kirstie and her council are certainly going to give this their best shot.

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The annual Heads & Tails game raised £400 for the 2012 chosen charity, Help for Heroes.

Once all the speeches and the awards were finished it was time for the partying to commence and the band, Rock and Soul Machine who had played at the 2011 National Convention played for several hours and entertained the crowds. The partying continued long into the night and one thing is for sure, JCI Barnsley is well and truly alive and kicking in 2012 and stand back anyone who dares to stand in their way!