JCI Barnsley, a Comedic Bunch?

JCI Barnsley, a Comedic Bunch?

Posted By admin |09 Sep 2012
JCI Barnsley, a Comedic Bunch?

As the newest member of JCI Barnsley the task of the Comedy Night Blog has fallen to me. Now bear with me, I am neither writer nor comic, so I will quench the idea of me telling jokes now to ensure you are not disappointed, or me embarrassed for having tried and failed...

My hatred for lateness led me to be the first arrival at the Lamproom Theatre, with a little fun being poked at me by the door staff as they believed I was a poor confused soul having arriving on the wrong night. My rescuer arrived in the form of Steve to prove my sanity not only to the door staff but also to myself having had the doubt planted in my mind.

The night ahead was all to be a surprise for myself, as I'd not had the pleasure of previously hearing anything of the Comedians who were on stage that evening. A pleasant surprise it was, I am glad to say, with Toby Foster leading the way with a generous helping of belly laughs, giggles, chuckles and smiles.

Now forgive me here as I cannot recall the name of the comedian to follow Toby Foster, and the Lamproom website is providing no help in this matter. So our comic hailing from Sunderland shall have to be known as Jesus, or should that be Forrest? Anyway, personally I found him very entertaining, not only by the Geordie accent... the jokes were good too! Particularly when Oli mistook him for wanting a conversation about a fear of buttons mid-performance!

A short interval of cider (unfairly frowned upon by Ben and Gemma's brother) and the obligatory ice-creams were followed by the next guy, whose name escapes me again, so lets call him Mr Shatner. How fortunate that they both provided me with alter egos that I could fall back on! Mr Shatner provided an amusing set, although sometimes a little predictable for myself.

The star of the night was certainly Toby Foster, closing the show with hilarious stories of being pulled over by the police. And Barnsley being its own ‘small world' a relative of the policeman just so happened to be in the audience, you couldn't make it up!

And so the night came to a close with myself, Ben, Oli, Debbie and Joe making our way to The Old No. 7 for a quick drink before heading home.

A very enjoyable evening for my first official member event, let's hope there are many more to come!

Kathryn Brookes

JCI Barnsley's Newest Member