JCI at its Breast - Bra Bank Challenge

JCI at its Breast - Bra Bank Challenge

Posted By admin |10 Jan 2014
JCI at its Breast - Bra Bank Challenge


If there was ever a project that captured the imagination of our members it was the Flamingo Foundation’s Bra Bank project collecting bras to be distributed to African women to help them establish new businesses.

Soraya Bowen, JCI UK’s Community Director, set a target of 1,000 bras to be collected by 14th September and we managed to achieve a grand total of 3,759 bras.  

It was an incredible project whereby members used a whole multiude of ideas, events and activites to collect bras.  With some special mentions for extraordinary achievements for Katie Ogley of JCI Doncaster who collected the most bras, Debbie Worthington of JCI Barnsley who managed to secure a donation of 1,270 bras from ASDA and JCI Sheffield for the chamber that collected the most bras.

Fiona Silvester of JCI Sheffield achieved amazing press coverage locally which included the cartoon below.

Newspaper cartoon - bra foundation.jpg