JCI Aberdeen Grampian Industrialist of the year award

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JCI Aberdeen Grampian Industrialist of the year award

Posted By admin |09 Nov 2011
JCI Aberdeen Grampian Industrialist of the year award

By Gemma Fletcher

My second visit to Aberdeen was considerably more relaxing the first (and I got to spend more than 14 hours there!) JCI Aberdeen's flagship event, the Grampian Industrialist of the Year Award, is an award recognising prominent businessmen in the Grampian area. JCI Barnsley has a long and proud history attending JCI Aberdeen events and this is certainly one of my favourites!

This year I had the pleasure of staying with Steven Wilson, JCI Aberdeen President 2011 and my good friend. Having finally made it to Aberdeen after the 7 hour train journey I was taken to the ‘Palace' for a bit of R&R and to get ready for the evening's festivities.

Having made it to the hotel, by the skin of my teeth, it was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. It was good to see so many old friends, including Leslie and Nick Mennie (along with Mini Mennie in the form of Leslie's bump) along with JCI Aberdeen President 2010 Arlene Hutchinson.

Although you would think that it would be hard to see our Scottish friends on a regular basis we were actually surprised to realise how often we have managed to meet. From European Academy, to JCI Ladies Day at the Races, to World Congress in Japan. The relationship between Aberdeen and Barnsley is still as strong as ever.

The evening was as great as usual with a great speech by Peter Shilton (even if I didn't understand all the football references) Steven Wilson's well executed speech and the unveiling of the 34th Grampian Industrialist of the Year in Bob Kitt. With the chatter flowing and the wine aplenty the evening was over all too soon and it was time to go home to my bed.

Saturday brought a day tourism and lunch with friends. After a walking tour of the West End of Aberdeen taking in the sights (and very expensive houses) it was off to lunch with JCI Aberdeen members to reflect on the nights events and to continue catching up. Again the food was great, but the company was even better! We were also lucky that Leslie managed to hold in Mini Mennie for the length of the meal. Here is hoping next time I am visiting I get to see JCI Aberdeen's newest addition!

Having parted ways for the second time that weekend, it was time for a quick driving tour of Aberdeen taking in some of the outskirt villages and the countryside. It was great to finally get to see what Aberdeen has to offer and I was out to shame by my host's knowledge of his city! I think it is fairly safe to say I do not know that much about Barnsley! Steven and I then returned home for a bit more relaxing and a good early night!

Having been awoken by the electric curtains I was sad to know that my final day in Aberdeen was upon me. It is so nice to be able to have such a good relationship with our twins and always sad when we have to go our separate ways. After a hearty breakfast on the beachfront and a tour of the city centre and harbour it was time for me to say my final goodbyes and head for the train station and yet another 7 hour ride!

Hopefully we will get to meet again soon, and many JCI Barnsley members will be attending Scottish Conference in the coming weeks.