Interview with Sabirul Islam JCI TOYP winner 2010

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Interview with Sabirul Islam JCI TOYP winner 2010

Posted By admin |10 Oct 2010
Interview with Sabirul Islam JCI TOYP winner 2010

Sabirul Islam iis one of “Ten Outstanding Young People” (TOYP) winners 2010 and will go to the JCI World Congress in Osaka in November 2010 to receive his award. 

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Sabirul Islam, a teen-trepreneur from the age of just 14, a global motivational speaker having spoken at over 600 events in total and author of the bestselling book The World at Your Feet at 17. My vision is to inspire millions of young people around the world that ordinary people can become extraordinary.

Since the age of 16, I became a part-time trader and published The World at Your Feet book which sold over 42,500 copies across the UK. At 18, I launched my Teen-Trepreneur business board game which educates young people about becoming future tycoons. 

Now aged 20, my vision to inspire young people has expanded to a global scale, having reached out to millions of people across the UK, USA, Nigeria, South Africa and across Europe, with a world tour following up this October.

As a teen-trepreneur, I aim to empower and encourage the growth of success for as many young people around the world. 

2. You won the JCI TOYP award 2010. Are you looking forward to go to the JCI World congress in Osaka to receive it?
Without a shadow of a doubt I can sense that it will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. I’ve never been to Japan so that adds to the excitement, and to stand on stage to receive such a prestigious award would surely be incredible. 

3. When did you start you first business? 
I started my first business at the age of 14 with a group of 6 friends. The idea was web designing which did make quite a healthy income especially for a 14 year old! It ran the business for 2 years, until I reached a point where I felt web design is too common and so I had to try something new.

I launched The World at Your Feet as my second business at 18, having seen the success of the book grow during its 9 month spell, I also realised the demand for inspiration to empower youth across the UK. 

Now the company holds 2 brands, both my personal brand and the Teen-Trepreneur brand. Each brand has a separate vision to inspire and educate young people about entrepreneurship.

4. What’s your top advice to people who wants to go outside their comfort zone and start their own business? 
– Always have a vision…Think Big but start small
– Believe in who you are and the ideas you create
– Do a lot of networking and connect with as many people as possible. Don’t be scared to ask for help
– Always take risks
– Always illustrate positivity, passion and perseverance to make ideas a success.

5. Can you tell us about an entrepreneur you admire who has inspired you and why? 
It most definitely has to Duncan Bannatyne from the Dragon’s Den… It’s purely because of how he grew up, experiencing such negativity and struggle, yet he had managed to pull himself out of a ‘dark hole’ and become a successful entrepreneur.

I would have to say his strength to pull himself away from the negative environment and struggle illustrates how much of an inspiration he is to many people out there. And I feel I’m able to connect with Duncan a lot more than many other entrepreneurs out there!