International Events

International Events

Posted By admin |14 Feb 2014
International Events

Here's what I want to achieve this year... We're going to put the "I" in JCI for our UK members! There are so many events that you can attend, and I’m here to make sure that your participation as easy and enjoyable as possible. I've pulled together an International Events Directory (give me a shout if you want a copy!) that should provide you with all the info you need for every event. 

But what about JCI Barnsley? The highlights of the year are sure to be our trip to support our twins in Aberdeen for their Grampian Industrialist Dinner on 7th March, lots of us will be heading north of the border, so you won’t be on your own! If you want to keep your first international conference local, why not attend the Scottish National Conference in Glasgow (4-6 April)? The European Conference in Malta (11-14 June) is fast approaching and it’s going to be an unforgettable experience, I promise!

JCI EC 2014

I know all too well how valuable but expensive these can be, I like to think that coming from Yorkshire means I have lots of tips on how to make your hard earned cash stretch that bit further though – talk to me about how you can keep your costs down! Are you in your first year of membership and do you want to attend a conference this year or next? If so, give me a shout as you’re eligible for one of 3 Senate Bursaries of £200!

Finally I want to say a massive thank you to JCI Barnsley for awarding me a Senatorship at our Annual Dinner. If you were there, you’ll know how much of a shock it was, but also how much it means to me to be awarded lifelong membership of an organisation that has given me so much. I promise that I’ll live up to the high standards set by the Senators that have gone before me and might even invite you to the Senate bar as my guest if you’re lucky!

Debbie Worthington
JCI UK International Director