Inspiring Action in Sheffield - 2013 plan!

Inspiring Action in Sheffield - 2013 plan!

Posted By admin |04 Jan 2013
Inspiring Action in Sheffield - 2013 plan!


What an amazing 2012 JCI Sheffield has had... For those of you that have spoken to me about the plans we have in place for JCI Sheffield this year, you'll know that we're all about the long term, with sustainable plans not just for next year, but for many years ahead!
The JCI Sheffield 2013 Plan of Action is very much a reflection of this building upon the success and learning of previous years. I've been fortunate enough to have been involved in the annual planning process in JCI Sheffield for the last two years, which has helped Sheffield to continue the themes and projects each year. This year we are bringing JCI Sheffield closer to the needs of the city. We will achieve this by aligning our 2013 aims to those of our community, of our businesses and most importantly of our members.
The city of Sheffield has a 2020 Strategy which sets out the needs of the city to continue to grow and develop over the years ahead. Much like the Sheffield 2020 strategy, the aims for JCI Sheffield are simple and centered around:
  • Our Community
  • Our Members
  • Our Purpose
We will work towards helping and supporting our community and businesses along with the people that live and work here to help grow and develop the leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses of the future both for Sheffield and JCI. If you want to read the full plan and projects for 2013 click here!
All sound amazing?!! Well the best thing about this is that all this opportunity awaits anyone who wants to try something new and get involved.
If you want to find our more then please drop me an email, tweet or even better catch me at our launch event at the Forum, Division Street, 6pm on 23rd Jan!! (click here to book on).

I hope to see you soon!


Dan Senter
2013 JCI Sheffield President