Inspiring Action Against Malaria

Inspiring Action Against Malaria

Posted By admin |13 Jun 2013
Inspiring Action Against Malaria

On April 25, people across the globe took part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day 2013. JCI UK has set our membership the challenge to buy a bed net per member and save 1800 lives. World Malaria Day was an opportunity for members fundraise and raise awareness about this curable BUT preventable disease that kills a child every minute.

We had a JCI Barnsley President Charlie Pearson sharing her experience of contracting malaria which demonstrating the devastating effects of this disease and how a bed net can save lives. Read more here:

JCI Barnsley set members challenge to find the most interesting malaria fact. The competition prize a bed net for the most interesting fact. There were two winners for this challenge and eight lives saved. Jo Mackfall for her well researched fact:

Blog » Community » jo malaria fact.png

Richard Grange for the most creative malaria fact:

Blog » Community » richard malaria fact.png

Blog » Community » It's victory for the boys.jpg

JCI London rasied over £100 at their 'Not a Pub quiz' night.


JCI Southampton shared awareness via social media and raised enough  money to save 7 lives.

JCI Boston with their social media campaign and newsletters.

JCI Birmingham will be purchasing a bed net to celebrate each of their members birthdays and started kicked off with making adonation to  celebrate Andy win their monthly social night.

However, JCI UK will continue to raise awareness about malaria every day until malaria is eradicated and we reach our target of 450 bed nets. You can help us in three ways:

1. Send a cheque for £7 purchase one bed net that will save four lives

2. Donate via our crowdrise page

3. Send cheque to JCI UK with any more raised from your fundrising activities just get in touch with JCI UK Community Director Soraya Bowen email:


Soraya Bowen
JCI UK Community Director