I am proud to be President!

I am proud to be President!

Posted By admin |02 Jun 2013
I am proud to be President!

In case you haven't on Saturday Night in Monaco JCI Barnsley were awarded Best Local Growth and Development Program for last years Diamond Challenge!



As most of you know I joined at the beginning of January 2012 after attending a few events at the end of 2011. This among others was the first project I threw myself into. You could tell from the word go that all the team were fully energized in using the 60th year to give this amazing chamber one of the biggest pushes in history and it worked! As throughout the year more and more members who shared the passion joined us. This spirit has well and truly carried on into 2013, as all of our current members are engaged and trying to make a real difference.


This award is a testament to all the hard work and energy every one of our members, patrons and senators continues to put in.  Having said that I want to say special congratulations to Kirstie for having the passion and vision to make a change.


I don't really think the reality of winning JCI Barnsley's fist European award has really sunk in yet! I am so proud of every single one of you and all I can say is exactly what I said in January 'everything we do is to add to the history of a chamber that I am incredibly proud and honored to be President of!'

Well Done I am so proud of you all!!!