How to become wealthy on any salary

How to become wealthy on any salary

Posted By admin |16 Nov 2012
How to become wealthy on any salary

Last night we had an excellent training event presented by Portsmouth-based Jasmine Blofield, Managing Director of SBA Financial Ltd and Independent Financial Advisor.

Jasmine gave us some really simple steps to becoming wealthy. These tips can be applied in our own personal lives as well as helping to make any small business more financially secure.

We examined the importance of having some financial goals, whether for the next few weeks and months or longer-term. This gives us something to aim for and allows us to see how to get there.

Jasmine highlighted tactics such as using tax-free savings (ISAs), prioritising expenses and maintaining an emergency fund to avoid cash-flow issues. Another overlooked tool is the powerful effect of saving a small amount regularly and allowing compound interest to grow this money over many years.

We examined a great way to enjoy (and make the most of) a pay-rise or bonus, and finally we covered a few tips to find a 'good' IFA.

Thanks Jasmine for a fantastic event, and thank-you to everyone who came alone to learn more and become wealthier.