How I Came To Be On National Board - Debbie Worthington

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How I Came To Be On National Board - Debbie Worthington

Posted By admin |04 Oct 2014
How I Came To Be On National Board - Debbie Worthington

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I joined JCI Barnsley back in 2005 when I was looking for a way to meet new people in a new town and get some business skills to boot!  My employer pointed me in the direction of JCI and I attended the Yorkshire Regional Extempore event being hosted in Barnsley soon after.  I was amazed by the confidence on display that night and the supportive atmosphere that spurred on the first-time competitors to give it a whirl.

The following year I was encouraged to join my Local Council as Newsletter Editor and Personal Development Director for the National Convention and have been active at a local council level ever since. I even gave the extempore competition hosted by JCI Bradford a go!  In 2009 I had the honour of leading JCI Barnsley as Local President which gave me more of an insight into what could be achieved by the National Board.

Having shown interest in taking on a new challenge the Deputy National President at the time, Lesley Young, was keen to find out what I could bring to the party.  So in 2010 I was elected into the role of Administration Director where I got to make good use of my organisational skills and became the 'Admin Bird'.  I can't have messed it up that badly as Alli Cowell, the 2011 National President, asked me to stay on for another year!

After two great years learning loads of new skills, meeting new people and serving the organisation, I took a couple of years off to get married, buy a new home and support my local chamber as they went from strength to strength.  The international element of JCI has always been an unexpected bonus to my membership and the International Director role was one I'd always hoped to hold.  This year I took the plunge and submitted my intention to stand to Kate Senter, 2014 National President, which she thankfully supported, along with the members, and I was voted in at the AGM.

I've loved my roles on National Board and every year has been very different and rewarding in unexpected ways.  If you think you have something to give, make it known to your Local President, Regional Group Chair or a member of National Board and see where those conversations take you!