How about a JCI London book club?

How about a JCI London book club?

Posted By admin |15 Mar 2012
How about a JCI London book club?

Hello all, we hope this post finds you well. 

How would you like the opportunity to get together and discuss your favourite books with other young professionals over a coffee or a drink?

One of the ideas that the social team is hoping to develop is a JCI London book club. Members could get together once a month ready to discuss the book their members have chosen. The options are quite varied - you could find one with hints about business to mull over, or recipes for cupcakes as well as popular fiction novels. The choice would be up to the members and we would do our best to accommodate all tastes. Part of the joy would be you may well get to read books that you would never have thought of reading.   

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So if you like the sound of that then please do get in touch ( letting us know which evenings would be best for you. We are also open to suggestions for book titles and venues. 

Many thanks, the Social Team