#GoBeyond Movie by Hope Chirengwa (Marketing Director)

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#GoBeyond Movie by Hope Chirengwa (Marketing Director)

Posted By admin |26 Jan 2018
#GoBeyond Movie by Hope Chirengwa (Marketing Director)

One of the greatest treasure in JCI – is its ability to provide a platform to explore all your hidden multifacets talents.

Having trained and worked as an Accountant for the last 10 years, I get an opportunity to move away from my day to day comfort zone to develop my skills in the daunting realm of marketing (very unlike accountant of me).

In 2018, inspired by the words and vision of our Local President Mary Mambwa, I look to capture throughout the year members exploring their passions, engaging the communities and going beyond to creating positive impact.

The project’s objective to create a short film that promotes positive change though sharing stories of impact by JCI Greenwich members, improving & diversifying their skill sets and most of all having fun.

Having no prior experience at all in creating a PowerPoint let alone a movie – my mind literary paces up and down with excitement, anxiety and pure bliss. Do I start with getting the script or shall I attend a short film making course? Do I have the necessary tools? Should it be a horror movies, romantic or just a darn boring documentary? Who should be a producer, main actor or sound technician?

So if you are between 18 – 40 years old you are wanted – dead or alive (we’ll revive you). Stuck in a boring 8-5pm job all day and fancy being Batman/Wonder-woman or just plain fun crazy you behind camera, contact us and see how you fit in.

Watch the #GoBeyond Trailer here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14m3yRnZaqE7YhzlSgZC_9cwlEde6l1xh
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