Getting ready for 2012

Getting ready for 2012

Posted By admin |15 Dec 2011
Getting ready for 2012

2011 is coming to an end and JCI UK is preparing for 2012. As 2012 National President my role so far this year has been to support Alli, the 2011 President, and prepare for 2012.And right now, that is getting really busy!

JCI UK really has a great team on National Board in 2012. I'm very grateful that all these amazing people are dedicating a year of their lives to JCI UK. Our role as National Board is to support our members and help the Local Presidents be their best.

In this blog post you can meet the members of the JCI UK National Board 2012.

From left:

Jen Little - Regional Group Chair. Jen Little is Local President JCI Cambridge 2010 and 2011 and will give the JCI UK South region a big lift with her experience from getting chambers up and running. Jen has a lot of passion for JCI and can also help you get your LinkedIN account up to scratch.

Claire Evans (nee Dempster) - Communication Director. Claire is one of two Communication directors on JCI UK's 2012 board. Claire works in communication and marketing outside of JCI. Claire was the 2010 Local President in JCI Leeds and won the 2010 Most Outstanding President for JCI Europe in the 49-100 members category. Claire loves her husband almost as much as she loves JCI.

Allison Cowell - Immediate Past President. Alli is a Past JCI Boston Local President and is JCI UK National President 2011. Alli has worn the Treasurer hat for JCI UK the last couple of years, a hat she truly enjoys but really looks forward to putting down though she will never put down the spreadsheets. 

Emma Eastwood - Personal Development Director. Emma is 2009 JCI Leeds Local President and works in real estate. Emma is passionate about training and having a good time. Emma has the longest legs and the shortest skirts on National Board but we still love her. Or maybe that's just why we love her.

Kate Senter - Communication Director. As one of two communication directors Kate will take care of among other social media for JCI UK in 2012. Outside of JCI Kate works in internal communications and is the 2011 JCI Sheffield Local President. Kate enjoys running marathons in Scotland or wherever else it is likely to rain.

Solveig Malvik - National President (me). Solveig is 2010 Local President JCI London and in 2011 was Marketing Director JCI UK. Solveig's had a varied career across the world and is currently head of marketing for a British work based learning company. You probably didn't know that I was a goth when I was a teen; fisnets, corsets, black hair and the full package, even managing a gothic nightclub on the side of my studies.

Tim Metcalfe - International Director. Tim has been a member of JCI Leeds for a number of year but it was only after traveling to the European Conference in Aarhus that Tim discovered the international aspects of JCI. Since then Tim has barly missed a JCI event and the only thing he regrets is not discovering this earlier. Tim runs his own IT business and is often seen at 1950s themed parties in London.

Soraya Bowen - Website Manager. Soraya joined JCI to get active in the community side of things but quickly got involved with everything. Not quite sure how she has time for everything but my theory is that this girl does not sleep. Ever. And she also runs marathons. How?!?

Steven Vandevelde - Regional Group Chair, Yorkshire. Being a foreigner in Yorkshire cannot be easy but Steven has embraced the region full heartedly and the region him. Steven was JCI Sheffield Local President 2010 and is the General Manager at the Holiday Inn hotels in Sheffield. Steven is always there with a smile, even if its Saturday and someone has to change all the locks in both hotels. 

Sarah Beckwith - Administration & Membership Director. Sarah is JCI London President 2011 and almost as fond of spreadsheets as Alli. Sarah is a chartered surveyor and when she's not doing her job or JCI you can find her on a sailboat somewhere off the coast of England.

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