From the lowest point on Earth, to the Highest me I can be

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From the lowest point on Earth, to the Highest me I can be

Posted By admin |08 May 2016
From the lowest point on Earth, to the Highest me I can be

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Training and Development is a strong pillar of JCI, being one of five domains encompassing Business, Social, Community & International sectors of the organisation.  I was delighted to participate in a Leadership, Peace & Personal Development Training which took place in Jordan from 24th- 27th March 2016 with 92 other delegates from Lebanon, Nigeria, Syria, Denmark and Jordan. The training was held at the endearing Dead Sea Spa Hotel and was wittingly entitled "From the lowest point on Earth, to the Highest me I can be", promoting peace & leadership through self-governance.

The excitement of being in the Middle East & reconnecting with my Jordanian friends from a previous JCI Intercultural Training in Malta last year, gave me a greater incentive to go, making me feel right at home. Having kept in touch since then, it was no wonder that any excuse to go to Jordan was an irresistibly easy choice to make!

The trip started with an airport pick up by friends, who took us through the scenic route of alluring trees and fascinating landscapes with mountainous backdrops beyond the seas, right through to our spectacular 4 star hotel doorstep.  The following day, after some much needed rest we had the pleasure of dipping in the Dead sea to relax & rejuvenate with all those fine minerals before attending the opening night dinner where guests and honoured members were welcomed in true JCI style.

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During the next three days, we had the training conducted by the inspirational 2006 World President Lars Hajslund. Anyone who has trained with him knows you are in for a treat as he embraces the new trends in training where non-formal learning ensures that participants are taught in a fun inclusive team setting. Here are my key takeaways from the training:

  • Self mastery is key in becoming an effective leader- Emotional empowerment comes through studying & understanding your recurrent life patterns. 
  • Build effective teams and relationships by understanding different personality types through colour psychology (Red; Blue; Green and Yellow people- Carl Jung Theories).
  • The key to success is ‘Third Solutions'. This is achieved by holding 2 strongly opposed ideas in your mind at the same time and fusing the good aspects of each into a third solution that is better than the single ideas on their own. This helped us explore new approaches to challenges and solutions that transcend borders.
  • Embrace multiculturalism through understanding & celebrating differences - diversity inclusion enables the creation of peace in our homes, communities and work-spaces. There is always a reflection of ourselves in others.

We all came up with quotes for our JCI worldwide "Peace is possible", campaign, and here's mine:
"Peace to me means having the freedom to say, do & be who you are within moral, legal & ethical boundaries while allowing others the same freedom in order to bring about tranquillity, reconciliation & lack of violence"- Epi Mabika

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We rounded off the trip with a visit to the enchanting Petra, taking the heritage tour with horse-riding & enjoying a great serving of authentic chicken shawerma.

I now have an open invitation to visit friends in Lebanon & a re-invitation to Jordan for a ‘Storytelling & Leadership' workshop, all to enhance transferable skills that I can use not only in JCI, but in my own life and business as well. The possibilities are endless! JCI has opened tremendous doors of continuous development and friendship opportunities, and in the words of our World President Pascal Dike, "You get out of it, as much as you put into it". I truly feel like a global citizen & have reciprocated the invitation to my fellow Jaycees, letting them know they have a home in London whenever they decide to visit.

We are now working together on a project to help refugees in Calais as part of the "Peace is possible" campaign, collaborating with JCI Jordan for long & short term project ideas; JCI France for project liaison & participation, and we will be involving other JCI chambers in Europe for long term sustainable solutions for refugees and peace promotion between nations. We are embodying the parts of our JCI Creed which affirm that "the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations". Together, we can make a difference in becoming leaders and ambassadors of peace.

By Epi Mabika, JCI London member

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