Four Nations...One Great Weekend!

Four Nations...One Great Weekend!

Posted By admin |02 Apr 2012
Four Nations...One Great Weekend!

Just as local JCI chambers have twinning partners, so do national organisations (NOMS).  JCI UK is twinned with Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.  Every year the four nations get together for the NOM to NOM, a relaxed and informal weekend where members of the national boards get to know each other and share best practice.

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Solveig, Emma, Sarah, Tim - The JCI UK Team at NOM to NOM

Solveig Malvik (National President), Tim Metcalfe (International Director), Emma Eastwood (Personal Development Director) and myself (Admin and Membership Director) flew off to Amsterdam on 16 March, excited about what the NOM to NOM Weekend 2012 would bring.  We were picked up at the airport by Robbert, Immediate Past President of JCI The Netherlands and driven out into the countryside.  Two hours, an impromptu car picnic and lots of chat and laughter later we arrived at what can only be described as some of the most luxurious holiday chalets I've ever seen.  We were greeted by the rest of the JCI Netherlands delegation who had prepared a delicious meal for us all.

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Great Food - Great Company!

And that's how the weekend continued...lots of food, drink and general merriment.  Activities included a walk in the surrounding countryside, a game of bowling in a lovely old-fashioned bowling alley (accompanied by some classic 90s tunes!) and sampling of some local delicacies brought along by some of the members.

NOM to NOM - Solveig BowlingNOM to NOM - Tim Bowling








Solveig and Tim show off their rather different bowling techniques

I had a great weekend talking to everyone there, meeting new people and getting to know other members of the JCI UK national board better.  The fantastic relaxed atmosphere meant we were able to have interesting conversations about all things JCI and many things not, from books to careers and hobbies to family life. 

Although we were together for less than 48 hours, firm friendships were made all round and I can't wait to see everyone again at European Conference in June!

NOM to NOM - All delegates

Members of JCI Belgium, JCI The Netherlands, JCI Switzerland and JCI UK's National Boards Enjoying a Walk in the Countryside