First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Posted By admin |20 Feb 2015
First Aid Training

As a Rise graduate I was given the opportunity to attend JCI events in order to socialise with like minded professionals; I have now attended a number of the training and networking sessions and I just can't get enough of them!

On 9th February, JCI offered a first aid training event with Pulse First Aid Training Solutions Ltd to equip us on how to deal with emergency first aid and the treatment of injuries.

Jon Hall delivered an intense yet fascinating training session covering Emergency Action Plans, the recovery position, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), head injuries, asthma and how to deal with choking. This was supported with a shocking presentation featuring images of injuries and videos of CPR being performed in a real life situation. After this, we were asked to pack a first aid box with all the essential tools that we thought would be needed in a work place and were given the chance to follow the demonstration action plans on each other. Despite having lots of fun practising on each other, Annie, the life-size rescue mannequin, was the only volunteer for receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad.

The 3 hours on the course flew by and as we all found the training so enjoyable, we have asked Jon Hall for another session to teach us more!

Once we complete the next session we will each be qualified to perform first aid in the work place, so the training provided by JCI has given us yet another great step towards self development, our future careers and the opportunity to help the community. It's an empowering feeling knowing how to limit the effects of an injury and that one day, I may be able to help preserve somebody's life!


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Bex Stewart

JCI Sheffield Member