Facebook: Our Top 5 Tips

Facebook: Our Top 5 Tips

Posted By admin |17 May 2016
Facebook: Our Top 5 Tips

Facebook. It’s the worlds most used social media site on the internet with 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users in 2015 which is a 13% increase year upon year, ve new pro les are created every second and there are 300 million photo uploads a day.

When we look at these facts it’s easy to see how Facebook is continuing to grow and become an even bigger part of our day to day lives. But how can we get past the saturation of content to ensure that our posts are being seen by the right people? This is a ght that marketers encounter daily and there are some simple tricks that you can do to ensure that your content, whether it be for your own business, a company you work or from a JCI perspective. In this article we will be delving into the ever expanding world of Facebook and giving you our top tips for making Facebook pay o !

1. The cover photo. This is a simple 1 minute job that will help build the awareness of any events or news you want to promote on your Facebook page. There are free websites such as PicMonkey available for you to be able to create Facebook ready banners for your page. Upload this new banner to your page and this will come up as a noti cation in people who like the pages timelines!

2. Promoting your posts! This again is a simple trick to help boost your reach. Reach is how far your post travels on Facebook. The higher the better. By promoting your event you can reach new audiences that your regular unprompted posts wouldn’t. This could topic could be it’s own article as it can get really in depth but you can really focus in on your target audience with categories such as age range, location, interests and more. This will ensure that your posts are seen by the right type of audience.

3. Use Facebook Insights. This tool, found at the top of the business page, will give you an insight into your current audience. Here you can nd out your most popular age range, what time they’re on Facebook, what days of the week they use it the most amongst other bits of information. Then you can use this information to make sure that your posts on Facebook are actually seen by your audience instead of just oating around cyber space.

4. Be innovative. People don’t want to be sold to constantly. This type of content will turn them o and your audience will go else where to nd what they need. Run contests, run polls, ask questions, blogs and news on your page. This will keep your content varied and keep your audience engaged. You’ll also get to see what types of posts your audience like the most and which they didn’t really engage with.

5. Videos. Videos have become one of, if not the most, important tool in marketing. Here at JCI She eld we have invested more into main videos and have seen brilliant results! Keep them varied and again try out what times work and what don’t. Trial and error are key to nding how to really pull in your audience. Just don’t make them too long! The trouble with long videos is that people are less likely to watch them. People are busy and the best length for videos is roughly 30 seconds. Short enough that people think “yeah I have time to watch this” not a 6 minute video marathon.

There you go! Before you run o , log into Facebook and begin using these new tips on the following page you’ll nd your free Facebook Planner! Use this to make notes of posts worked, what didn’t and who your audience is! 

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