Donate your time, not just your money appeal

Donate your time, not just your money appeal

Posted By admin |13 Dec 2012
Donate your time, not just your money appeal


We all think of charity donations in financial terms, but donating your time to community projects is often as equally valuable to an organisation as any financial contribution.  Volunteering also has added personal benefits because volunteers are provided with the opportunity to build strong relationships and friendships with the organisations supported.

This year, in conjunction with our "2012 Challenge" JCI Cambridge is also running the "donate your time, not just your money appeal", encouraging members to get out into the local community, be active and make a difference.

We will be supporting a number of community projects throughout the year and would very much like you to join us! The hours donated by our membership can also be logged as part of the JCI UK Active Citizen Experience (ACE) Project (see below).

If you are interested in volunteering with us please get in touch by emailing us at, we would love to hear from both members and non-members.

In addition, we would also be pleased to hear from any local organisations who think JCI Cambridge might be able to assist in other local community projects.



JCI Cambridge is ACE!!

One of the core values of JCI is to be an active citizen and to make a local impact. In 2011 JCI UK launched a volunteering project on a national level under the name "ACE" - Active Citizen Experience, to reward those members who went a bit further and actively got involved in their local community.

ACE is a community hours project where JCI Members can register their volunteer hours. Members are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates (according to the hours logged) in recognition of their efforts. The certificates are awarded at national events by the National President and National Community Director.

Bronze 10 hours

Silver 20 hours

Gold 30 hours

Any type of volunteering is eligible for ACE, so whether it is the Big River Clean Up, helping to fundraise for Wallace Cancer Care or running the Race for Life, it all counts.

JCI Cambridge would like our members to achieve as many certificates as possible this year.


All you need to do is click here, fill in the name of the JCI Member, log the time spent volunteering (in hours and minutes) and set out what the volunteering involved.

The JCI Cambridge committee would like to give a big thank you in advance, to the all members who take part in our "donate your time, not just your money appeal" this year.


As JCI members, our mission is to create positive change in the world. We believe that by taking responsibility for our communities, we can create solutions to the problems we see around us.