Delegate View Of LEAP 2014 by Jo Mackfall

Delegate View Of LEAP 2014 by Jo Mackfall

Posted By admin |28 Apr 2015
Delegate View Of LEAP 2014 by Jo Mackfall

At the end of August 2014, Tracy, Jenny and I hopped on a train down to Birmingham for the third JCI UK LEAP academy. It was quite simply the best experience I've ever had!

I once heard the phrase 'you get back what you put in'. I'm not sure who first said it or what situation they were referring to, but it completely rang true with my experience of the weekend.

LEAP stands for Leadership Excellence in Action Programme. Before I attended the academy, had someone asked me if I was a leader, I would have quite simply said no. I didn't see myself as a leader, and had never been in a leadership position at work. I suppose I attributed the word 'leader' to being a boss or an authority figure. What I learnt during the weekend is that you can be a leader no matter what role you are in or who you work with and that you are always a leader of yourself.

The weekend opened my eyes to personality styles, leadership styles and behaviours and that the right or wrong balance can give amazing or catastrophic results!

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I came away from the weekend exhausted, mostly from the lack of sleep, but also inspired and motivated to make a change. Inspired to look at my JCI career and where I could go next with my new found positive mental attitude regarding my leadership ability and feel motivated to start moving up in my career too.

If anyone is considering attending this year, please feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Jo Mackfall

2015 JCI Barnsley Deputy President and LEAP graduate