Day 1: £1 a day challenge

Day 1: £1 a day challenge

Posted By admin |14 Jan 2013
Day 1: £1 a day challenge

It's been a busy day one!! I started the day with two slices of toast and a glass of apple juice. No longer had I finished breakfast than it started snowing in Portsmouth for the first time this winter. But that wasn't going to stop this Colorado girl.

Just after a lunch of chicken flavoured instant noodles I was off to the Portsmouth Foodbank ran by Kings Church to drop off the food donations from the very generous JCI Portsmouth members. I was greeted by Lindsay who was one of the volunteers that works on reception at the Foodbank. She showed me around the kitchen where they make and sell soup three times a week at £1.50 for soup and a bread roll. I explained to Lindsay and the soup chef about our £1 a challenge and the chef shared that she lives on £10 a week so knows that it can be done. She had made 5 different homemade soups today to offer a hot meal to those in the community that need a filling and warm meal for the day.

After some wrestling of grocery bags out of my very compact car boot, the volunteers weighed the JCI Portsmouth donations and it came out to a grand total of 38.8 kilograms, which is 85 pounds or 6 stone 11 pounds. The volunteers were so thankful for the donations and we hope to work with the Portsmouth Foodbank in the future.

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As if that wasn't exciting enough, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak on the Unity101FM Community radio hour. My counterpart at JCI Southampton, Michael Steel, has been hosting the community hour at Unity101FM for the last 7 years and thought that it would be great opportunity to invite me in to discuss employment and training opportunities at my day job as Recruitment Manager at First Wessex as well as share with the South the £1 a day initiative.

When I was initially invited I was excited and a bit nervous about the opportunity as I have never been on the radio...let alone a live broadcast. But as soon as I had the microphone, you couldn't shut me up. Poor Michael didn't know what he let himself in for. J

So I barely even realised my stomach growling today as I was so busy but can't ignore it off to prepare a bit of pasta surprise.

If you are interested in hearing the Unity101FM broadcast, please log onto and click 'Listen again'. The download is under the Community Hour shows.

Until next time...

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