Creating Team 2017

Creating Team 2017

Posted By admin |22 Nov 2016
Creating Team 2017

The JCI Manchester AGM - Join us in 2017!

JCI Manchester has called its 2016 Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Monday 19 December.  It's very much an event in itself.  The great and the good of JCI Manchester - past and present - come together to review and celebrate the year coming to a close; to elect the next year's board; and, this year, to vote on a new constitution (see below).  Afterwards, we'll head for celebratory drinks and food.

We are seeking applicants for the following roles in 2017:

  • President
  • Deputy President  (to support the President, and plan for taking over as President 2018)
  • Finance & Administration Director  (to handle the cash and process invoices & expenses)
  • Business & Training Director  (to organise our Breakfast Briefings and other business events)
  • Charity Director  (to organise our fundraising events and liaise with charity partners)
  • Challenge Director  (to organise one or more active fundraising challenges)
  • Social Director  (to organise our evening social events)
  • Membership Director  (to support our existing individual & corporate members and seek new memberships)
  • Marketing Director  (to manage our member communications, PR and social media)
  • National & International Liaison Director  (to promote and organise national and international JCI events, include a weekend visit from our twin chamber, JCI Cork)
  • Sponsorship Director  (to secure sponsorship arrangements for any of JCI's programmes)

We are able to have multiple people appointed to share each role (except President and Deputy).

We are also seeking a number of people to join us in a less formal capacity, to help with certain projects, such as:

  • Supporting any of the above director roles (eg assistant Marketing Director or Membership Director)
  • Managing our Public Speaking Workshops series
  • Promoting our blood donation project
  • Helping with our Manchester Young Talent Awards programme and dinner
  • Other support and project roles

You must be a member of JCI Manchester to apply for any role.

If you'd like to chat to us about any of these roles, please contact 2016 President Paul or our candidate for President 2017, Simon Anderson.

We mentioned the constitution...  JCI Manchester is a voluntary organisation belonging to and run by its members, and governed by a constitution.  We fall under "JCI United Kingdom" and, indeed, the worldwide Junior Chamber International movement.  JCI UK recently made some changes to its constitution, and we thought it was a good opportunity to revise our own.  Therefore, here is a link to a proposed JCI Manchester constitution, that we will be voting on at the December 2016 AGM.

Draft Constitution

The AGM is for all members of JCI Manchester (and open to other spectators).  We will email all members at least 21 days beforehand with formal notice.  Please contact Paul for any further details.