Creating a stronger JCI UK together Join the 2022 National Team

Creating a stronger JCI UK together Join the 2022 National Team

Posted By admin |01 Aug 2021
Creating a stronger JCI UK together Join the 2022 National Team

Amid the chaos in the world, the coming of the British summer coupled with lifting of some restrictions is a welcome sight to a glimpse of what normality would look like. To many of you, like me, it has been a welcomed feeling to be able to reconnect with friends and family. It is my hope that soon, as JCI UK members, we will be able to see each other in person again. (I frankly cannot wait for my first in-person Extempore event in 2 years)

As Deputy National President, I have been prepping in readiness to take over from Phoebe Benta in 2022. Kudos to the 2021 National Team for the work they have done to so far and it’s on this foundation we build our plan for 2022. One of my key roles is to look for members from across the national organisation that will take on the National roles next year. Being on the national board is an opportunity for members to expand their networks and harness core skills, including but not limited to, strategic thinking, decision making, leadership, communication and analytical use of information required of an executive or board member in any organisation.

With that said, I am very excited to announce that nominations for next year’s board are now open, with the elections to be held at our Annual General Meeting scheduled for 11 September 2021 to be held online.

Rallying being the theme “Stronger Together”, our ambition next year is to help build stronger and more collaborative national organisations that meet the development needs of our members. JCI UK should be top of mind to any young person in the country who is committed to developing into a renowned leader, professional and/or entrepreneur.

The National roles have been shaped around effectively delivering this ambition focusing on 4 key focus areas

  1. Member driven approach “We want to do valuable things for our members,”
  2. Recruitment “… growing the national organisation to ensure we are more robust and future proof”
  3. Digitisation & Innovation “…innovatively in a digital way,”
  4. Collaboration “…collaborating internally & externally to deliver to the national organisation.”

This is the first in a series on Blog Posts that will share more details on our ambitions for 2022, National Board roles and Plan of Action engaging our membership on this journey to an unforgettable 2022. #WEARESTRONGERTOGETHER.

2022 Board Roles

  • Deputy National President
  • Director for Engagement
  • Director for Recruitment
  • Director for Communications
  • Director for Digitisation
  • Finance Director
  • Admin Director
  • General Board Director X2

To view all full role description and the Intention to Stand Template please click here:

If you are interested in standing please send a completed Intention to Stand Template for 2021 roles to the 2021 JCI UK Admin Director Lucy Collins at  and also to Hope Chirengwa, at  before the deadline of 1159pm on Saturday 14th August 2021.