Council Team Training Report – Preparing To Make 2014 A Great Year For Members!

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Council Team Training Report – Preparing To Make 2014 A Great Year For Members!

Posted By admin |08 Feb 2014
Council Team Training Report – Preparing To Make 2014 A Great Year For Members!

So, just how is a JCI local chamber run? When I first became a member of JCI Sheffield, I was pretty ignorant to the (obvious!) fact that, behind the training, the networking and the social events, some little elves had been working hard to make it all happen.

Some months later, I frivolously agreed to take on the role of Marketing and Communications Director 2014 and had no idea what I had let myself in for.

Having a demanding job and various hobbies, my initial and very serious worry was time management. I’ve read many books on the subject and tried different methods to try to get my derriere in gear, but distraction seems to be my best friend.

However, I’ve been assured – and have convinced myself – that through accurate planning and good communications, there is time to fulfil a council role and be part of the JCI Sheffield machine.

After an incredible Inspiration Day on Saturday February 1st, hosted by JCI Barnsley, I was back on the M1 early Sunday morning for a helping of Council Team Training to kick start the year and make sure we were all up to speed on what is required of a Council Team and how best to plan our year. 

The session was delivered by Sarah Beckworth and Drew Charman, from the JCI UK National Board, with Presidents and Deputies from other chambers in attendance.

It was fabulous to have the entire JCI Sheffield Council Team there (the only city to do so, go Sheffield!) to receive the training and it really helped us as a team to crystallise the formalities of what we need to do, to then allow us to be creative in how we’re going to do it.

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We were taken through the fundamentals of how to run a chamber and reminded of various documents that, as council members, we should be au fait with (the Constitution, the UK Plan of Action, Pathways etc. – don’t worry if these mean nothing, I’m still learning too!)

We also did some personality tests, which were great fun (and a stark look in the mirror!) and highlighted everyone in the room’s different methods of doing things – just to emphasise how it takes all kinds of people to create something impactful.

The main focus of the day however, was that JCI is a member’s organisation. Period. And as Council Members we are responsible for the smooth running of the chamber, the responsible appropriation of the chamber’s finances and making sure that all of our members get the very best out of their membership.

Having the entire Sheffield Council Team present meant that we were all aware first hand of the job we have to do. And it was great to be amongst other Council members from around the UK to really drive home the fact that we’re part of a national - no global – organisation and that, by staying on the tracks laid out in the training session, we can really help to create positive change in our cities and communities.


As an individual who joined JCI to develop on my personal skills and nothing else, I’ve really come to appreciate the genuine difference that  this organisation makes. There was an air of honesty and sincerity in the room on February 2nd 2014. An air of wanting to Be Better, to help members in achieving their goals and to inject some positive action in the respective communities. 

- Ashleigh Gray, Marketing and Communication Director 2014, JCI Sheffield