Could you be part of the 2020 JCI Southampton Council team?

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Could you be part of the 2020 JCI Southampton Council team?

Posted By admin |01 Oct 2019
Could you be part of the 2020 JCI Southampton Council team?
It’s once again that time to review the year and start thinking together of what 2020 will look like for our Chamber. JCI Southampton will be holding its annual AGM on Thursday 14 November for members to catch up, discuss development opportunities, review the year and plan next year's activities and plan of action. We will be discussing the projects that we've run in 2019 and evaluate our 2020 plan of action. We will also elect the team that will create the 2020 Plan of Action. The AGM is the opportunity for all members to come together and discuss how to shape the chamber and elect the team that will lead on the strategic decisions and represent all members on a local, national and international basis. We are looking for anyone interested in taking on a role on our council team for 2020 as well as those interested in getting involved in a stand-alone project. Joining the Council and getting involved in the running of a local chamber is one of the best ways to get the most of your JCI membership, developing new skills, taking on challenges, and networking with professionals and businesses across the city.

Be Part of the 2020 Council Team!

Below is a list of roles on the 2020 team with a brief summary of some key areas of focus for each role. If you are interested in standing please send a completed Intention to Stand form to President Fee Francis at by the deadline of 23:59 on Sunday 10th November 2019.


Your role is to develop and oversee the strategic and day-to-day management of JCI Southampton. The President is the public face of the chamber attending the key national and international events.

Deputy President 

Your main role involves supporting the President and Directors in implementing their plans. You'll also be responsible for preparing and succession planning for the following year.

Finance Director 

You'll be responsible for administering the day to day finances and long-term financial planning, to ensure the financial interests of the chamber are protected and managed in an appropriate way to secure the future success and financial viability of the chamber.

Community Director 

Your role is to lead in organising the programme of community events and project and championing the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the projects and campaigns we run.

Training Director 

Your main role is to organise a programme of training events and projects, to deliver learning and development opportunities for our existing as well as prospective members.

Marketing & Events Director 

You'll be responsible for the marketing of the chamber, oversee the development of a marketing and PR strategy and the provision of marketing materials and merchandise.

Membership & Growth Director 

You'll be responsible for developing and delivering our strategy for membership growth and engagement, and helping to manage our database of members. You'll also be leading in the development of external relationships with strategic partners, to support growth and engagement.

Project Manager

We are also looking for members to take on some projects or to join the support team and help with specific tasks essential in the running of the chamber  - these roles can be discussed, created and reviewed throughout the year and do not need to be elected at AGM. Lead a specific project across business, training, social, community, and international. 
Examples of project/programme management activities:
  • International Project Manager - help in organising international activities for the year, inc. promoting international conferences.
  • 'Mayflower' Gala Weekend Project Manager - help in organising a ‘Mayflower' themed gala weekend in celebration of the 400-anniversary commemorations
  • Social Media Manager - manage the JCI Southampton social media channels
  • 'Reduce Single-Use Week' Project Manager - help in organising our 'Reduce Single-Use Week' project
  • Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Project Manager - help in running a TOYP campaign locally
  • “Bring Your Own” Project Manager (BYOPM) - got a project or activity ideas that you'd like to help manage? 
To discuss the roles and opportunities, get a role description or find out more about how to stand for a role - please contact our 2019 Local President Fee Francis at or 2019 Deputy President Zoe Toseland at