Coaching Academy a trainers perspective

Coaching Academy a trainers perspective

Posted By admin |28 Apr 2021
Coaching Academy a trainers perspective

Having been an active member of JCI for ten years, I have attended countless training events all over the world. Through these I have developed new skills, built confidence, and made some incredible
friends. I also discovered a passion for delivering training, and now do so regularly for both JCI and within in my own business, Elevate.

It therefore takes something pretty special to impress me and I’m delighted to say our first Coaching Academy (held in February) was exactly that! Lead by life coach and JCI UK Director Bianca Boyce, the weekend covered the GROW model and encouraged participants to discover their values and
purpose. Each delegate was given a DISC personality profile and spent time considering how they are motivated. The real magic came from the way the cohort (sixteen members from across the UK and Europe) committed to the process and shared experiences so openly with each other.

As a trainer, I was able to benefit from the knowledge of the rest of the team and try out some new tools. Working alongside such enthusiastic, talented people reminded just why I love this organisation so much. Where else would you find a group of business leaders ready to volunteer all
weekend to support the development of others? Thank you to Bianca Boyce, William Redpath, Naily Mak and Rachael Shah for making the weekend such a fantastic experience for me.

There were two particular highlights for me. The first was watching Bianca speed coach the delegates on the Sunday morning. With just a couple of insightful questions, she enabled every participant to push their boundaries, dream bigger and commit to transformational changes. It was
honestly just mind-blowing and the trainer WhatsApp group was buzzing throughout!

The second was when we thought it would be great to get a couple of words from the delegates to sum up the experience. As they described the impact of the weekend, I was overwhelmed by what we had managed to achieve in just two days. You can watch the video here.



William sums the weekend up brilliantly from a trainer’s perspective… “This was the most incredible training experience I have taken part in with JCI! The transformation that the participants went through over the weekend was unreal. Can’t wait for the next one!”

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