Celebrating Our Members - Abbie Hart from JCI Manchester

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Celebrating Our Members - Abbie Hart from JCI Manchester

Posted By admin |01 Feb 2017
Celebrating Our Members - Abbie Hart from JCI Manchester

JCI UK is the organisation that develops, promotes and celebrates the achievements of young leaders across our nation and in our local communities.

Meet Abbie Hart from JCI Manchester...

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Since joining the board Abbie has been a particularly active member single handedly organising every social event for the 2016 calendar.

She was keen to make this year's social calendar more varied than last year's, and so recognising the focus on SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing at the UK level, and being aware of the majority of the memberships push for a healthier lifestyle in January, Deputy President Abbie Hart decided to organise a 'net-walking' event on Sunday 22nd January as part of a New Year New You Kickstart social for JCI Manchester.

She organised a walk around nearby Dovestone Reservoir followed by a rewarding meal at Muse Bar and Restaurant in UpperMill, a nearby eatery she works with in her career outside of JCI,

It was a truly fantastic event and everyone who came (members and non-members alike) commented on how much of a great time they had. The event simultaneously pleased current members and made non-members consider joining! The event killed many birds with one stone and was classically JCI!

This style of event will be repeated numerous times throughout the year and the plan is to ask board members to come forward to plan future events as a potential development opportunity for them self.

JCI Manchester will be inviting other Chambers to join us on future walks in 2017.

Sarah Williams quoted:

"On Sunday, I had the opportunity to go on a lovely winter walk around Dovestone Reservoir up in the hills near Oldham followed by some heart-warming food at a nearby pub, Muse, in the village of Uppermill.

I was joining a group of JCI members, who were very welcoming and during the walk, had chance to speak with many of them about what they do and their involvement with JCI.

It was clear that they are all passionate about what they do as well as ambitious about making Manchester a great place to work and live.

My area of work involves promoting the social and economic benefits of green space and nature, so it was great to meet and join a group of people, potential future leaders in our city, reaping the benefits...enjoying a refreshing Sunday walk in nature, whilst chatting about career opportunities and how to make a positive impact.

Surely that's got to be a win-win!"

We also received a lot of love on Twitter! 

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