Candidate for Deputy National President 2015

Candidate for Deputy National President 2015

Posted By admin |23 Aug 2014
Candidate for Deputy National President 2015

It is with much excitement that I write this as candidate for Deputy National President of JCI UK for 2015.

Essentially I'm standing for the role of Deputy National President for one simple reason:  I love JCI.  I love what it has done for me in terms of my own development. I love the great work our chambers do in their local communities.  I love that I've made amazing friends all over the country and world.  And I love being a part of other members' journeys as part of the organisation.

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Here's a blog I wrote when I was President of JCI London, which highlights some of the crazy/inspiring/surreal things I've done as a JCI member and still perfectly sums up my immense gratitude for being a part of this remarkable organisation.  The three years since have been no different: organising leadership and public speaking academies, attending a world congress in South America, training internationally, becoming a senator. 

I sometimes have to pinch myself to check these extraordinary experiences are real and I'm really the one having them.  Standing for Deputy National President is no different.  I know it is going to be a challenge...that is what I am excited about. 

JCI UK is in a great place now with more and more new chambers opening; fantastic members engaging locally, nationally and internationally; and even some international awards under our belt.  We're on the right path, but as one fellow member said to me recently; "JCI should be bigger, better and more recognised".  I agree and I want to help ensure this happens.

You can read my Intention to Stand here.  I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions.