Business Roundtable - Entrepreneurship

Business Roundtable - Entrepreneurship

Posted By admin |05 Dec 2011
Business Roundtable - Entrepreneurship

By Alekhya Mukherji

Recently, the JCI London Business Roundtable featured the topic of 'Entrepreneurship’ - to give members a flavour and insight into the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups. We had four great panellists:

Patrick McCrae - Founder of 'Works In Print'

Marcus Evans - Entrepreneur & MD of Interactive Space

Ricky Kothari - Founder of Innovashion & 2012 Business Director for JCI London (!)

Victoria anderson - Former Operations Director of Unltd & Trustee of the Venture Partnership Foundation

Each brought their own experiences of setting up (and helping to set up) businesses, across both private and voluntary sectors. After the initial introductions we split into smaller groups with the speakers to discuss anything we were interested in a free flow format. It gave everybody the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and ideas with all the speakers.

I was, like many others at the event, interested in understanding the experiences the panellists had with starting up a company. It was invaluable to hear the struggles they faced or are still facing while at the same time the help and support they could get from their network to carry on. The discussions were diverse but generated lots of debate within the groups. Topics ranged from coming up with viable ideas, day to day running of a business to setting up social enterprises. 

I definitely came out thinking it is a big step and commitment but for sure something worthwhile to pursue for the future!