Bursaries available for LEAP 2014

Bursaries available for LEAP 2014

Posted By admin |19 Apr 2014
Bursaries available for LEAP 2014

JCI UK has four £75 bursaries available for JCI UK members wishing to attend LEAP 2014, taking place 29 to 31 August in Birmingham.  We want to make our flagship leadership academy accessible to as many members as possible and hope that the bursaries will support members who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Gareth Carson from JCI Sheffield describes his experience of receiving a bursary to attend LEAP in 2013;

"I was very excited to find out that I could attend LEAP through a bursary. I was really nervous to fill in my application form but I just made sure that my passion for JCI came across and made sure that I made clear what my JCI journey would look like. I talked about how I wanted to progress to become a council team director but didn't have the confidence in getting to that stage and wanted to go on LEAP to help build that confidence. I also talked about how I would share my experience of LEAP with other members of the Sheffield chamber and of the wider region hence why I am writing this blog. I received an e mail within a few days of completing my bursary application form from Dan Senter, our local president at the time, advising me that I have been successful and received a full bursary to attend LEAP. I was over the moon to find this out as I had just started my own business and wouldn't have been able to afford the cost on my own. 

LEAP » Gareth presenting with confidence.jpgLEAP » Gareth receiving Greatest LEAP award.jpg

Gareth presenting with confidence and receiving his well-deserved "Greatest LEAP" award

The experience I had at leap was second to none, I was very proud to pick up the award for greatest LEAP on the last day and won my ticket to inspiration day as well. I gained confidence and learnt how to conduct my self around other people with different personality styles as well as how to deal with people with the same personality style as myself. I would encourage everyone to apply and to attend LEAP as without it I wouldn't currently be Membership and engagement director for Sheffield as well as planning to run for Deputy President next year. I am hoping to also be part of the training team for LEAP this year. So don't delay apply today."


You can apply for a bursary here.  The deadline for applications is 15 May.  More details about LEAP can be found on our dedicated page: www.jciuk.org.uk/leap  Registration is now open at https://jciukleap2014.eventbrite.com