Bra Campaign Update: Bra-tastic!

Bra Campaign Update: Bra-tastic!

Posted By admin |15 Aug 2013
Bra Campaign Update: Bra-tastic!

Four weeks ago we launched our support for Flamingo Foundation Bra Campaign. Your old bras are used as a currency, helping ladies in developing countries start their own businesses and moving them out of poverty. Sub-standard bras are recycled raising cash for Flamingo Foundation community projects.

This project is a simple but unique way to contribute to Millennium Development Goal number 3: Promote gender equality and women empowerment.

We have a national target to collect 1000 bras and the half way point is in sight!

Chambers have taken on the challenge and I think a bra war may have broken out as this week JCI Barnsley storms into the lead with over 200 bras collected. Debbie Worthington from JCI Barnsley has collected 130 bras from friends, family and colleagues. This means JCI Doncaster is now in second place closely followed by JCI Birmingham.

All chambers are working hard with their collection and keeping their bra count close to their chest at the moment- no pun intended!

How does it work?
It’s really easy to rummage through your drawers for any out-grown and old bras. Support your local chamber to help them bring the most bras to AGM and set up collections at your place of work or just be really creative and let’s see which chamber can collect the most bras. Get in contact with your local chamber President to find about events to drop-off your bra donation.

We will be presenting JCI UK bra collection at our AGM on Saturday 14 September. This event is open to all JCI UK members to attend and bring your own donation. Alternatively it is best to get in touch with your local chamber and ensure the local President has your donation before Friday 13 September.


Bra Collections so far!

Blog » Community » JCI birmingham collection. rachel.jpg

Rachel from JCI Birmingham with a collection of 101 bras from Save the Children


Blog » Community » JCI Doncaster bra collection 2.jpg

       Katie Ogley from JCI Doncaster


Blog » Community » JCI Sheffield highthrowing bras in the air.jpg

JCI Sheffield team having fun with their bra collection

Soraya Bowen
JCI UK Community Director