Blogging: Why and How

Blogging: Why and How

Posted By admin |15 Mar 2016
Blogging: Why and How

Blogging: Why and How! 

A blog is a discussion or informal informational site consisting of varying entires on the page called “posts”. This medium in recent years has become a job role in its own right. Bloggers have become somewhat social icons for our age, fashion bloggers are just as important as the editors of the best selling magazines, food bloggers can make or break a resturant and marketers are making the most of this power.

Writing a blog doesn’t have to mean a lot of writing or a degree in advanced English. There are various styles of ’writing’ a blog. Some are more text heavy whereas some are much more pictorial. I personally prefer a mix of the two. Depending on the subject I prefer to write more or use more images. For my graphic design blog naturally more images are used because of the subject and the audience.

So why blog? As we have seen in recent years the audience for bloggers has grown dramatically. More and more of us are taking notice of blogs and it’s hard not to. With technology making us more connected to the internet more than we ever have before there’s always an opportunity for us to read a blog post. Take a look at some of your most frequntly visited sites and I bet you’ll nd a ‘Blog’ tab. Business know about the ever growing popularity in this medium and are getting their foot in the blogging door.

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a scary thought. It can easily be done in 10 minutes! Sites such as Wordpress ( and Blogger ( have free plans available and have brilliant features allowing you to easily set up your account and get blogging straight away! Wordpress and Blogger although similar do have thier di erences:


- Free plans, secure , templates available to make your blog look amazing



- Easy to look professional
- Coding knowledge helps with layouts & advanced features
- Large amount of free and paid plugins available - You own your blog and it’s content


- Limited features
- Google Integration
- Easy for beginners to use
- You don’t own your blog, Google does

Blogging requires no previous marketing or blogging knowledge either! That’s part of the beauty of it. Anyone can build a blog and make
it the new ‘must go to’ site on the inetrnet. All it takes is some deication. Now, blogs can be slow
burners at the start but stick with it! Share your posts on your favourite social media platforms and you’ll soon see those veiws and follower numbers build up!

Below I have put together my top tips for creating and running a blog. Plus, enjoy your free blog planner on the next page!

If you have any questions about blogging or marketing or simply want to share your newly built blog with me don’t hesitate to get in tough with me via email - ryan.pilkington@jcishe

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