Black and White Ball

Black and White Ball

Posted By admin |02 Mar 2014
Black and White Ball

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On Friday 17th January I went to the JCI Barnsley 62nd Annual Dinner which had the theme of a black and white ball. The event was held at the Holiday Inn, Barnsley.
It was a big event in the JCI calendar, having only been a member since November 2013 I knew I wouldn't be up for any awards (I plan to be next year though :p) but went along to show my support and was promised it would be a good night.

I took half a day off work to get ready as my nails and roots needed doing and I wanted to make sure sure my tan wasn't patchy lol. It paid off though as I was told I looked classy and chanel inspired :)

Upon arrival I was handed a glass of bucks fizz before starting to network. In total there were around 90 people at the ball and some of those were from our twin chamber, JCI Aberdeen, who I hadn't met before.

Following that we were taken through to a suite were we found our seats. The evenings entertainment came from the Barnsley Youth Theatre which is an organisation close to the heart of the President who stepped down that evening and handed the chains to her Deputy President.

I usually prefer to eat little and often so after starving myself all day I was ready to face a four course meal. To start I had the tomato and basil soup, for mains I had chicken, potatoes and seasonal vegetables in gravy, dessert was a raspberry cheesecake and the final course was a cup of tea and some chocolates.

During the courses various speeches were given and the awards were handed out. I would like to congratulate the following;
Most Outstanding New Member - Jo Mackfall
Most Outstanding Member - Oli Hyde
Most Outstanding Patron - Holiday Inn Barnsley
Contributions to the Community - Jenny Storey
Contributions to Sporting Activities - The angry bears
Contributions to Public Speaking - Tracy Anderson
International Activates - Ben Hawley
Most Outstanding Senator - Debbie Worthington

For the rest of the evening we danced and drank. Throughout various cheesy, but fun, party classics I managed to keep my five inch heels on!

Despite some people looking worse for wear we meet up again on Saturday to go bowling, out for lunch and drinking. Due to the bowling venue advising us not to book in the end we didn't bowl due to the venue being too busy! In hindsight it may have been a good thing as the noise level bowling wouldn't be good for those feeling more tender and it left more drinking time for those who have started to recover :p

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